LIARS OF THE MONTH – Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Sadly, both the U.S. President and Vice-President, and others who should know better, are again perpetuating the myth of rampant police brutality. This time, on our southern border.

It is time to call them what they are. Liars. The feigned outrage of a Border Patrol officer “strapping” illegal aliens with a whip, or the reins of his horse, is a LIE. It was discounted by the photographer who took the photo, and it was proven to be false by video of the incident. Read a thoughtful analysis of what happened here.

Their attack on the Border Patrol officer, and the President’s threat of “I promise you those people will pay. There will be consequences.” is a part of their continued attack on law enforcement. It should be met with outrage. Yet the main stream media treats it as a credible claim instead of calling it what it is. A BIG LIE.

The reversal of previous policies on illegal immigration has had, and will continue to have, tragic results. Not only on those attempting to illegally enter our county, but throughout our entire country as terrorists, drugs, human traffickers, and countless others who would harm our nation flood across porous borders. For years to come this will wreak havoc on communities across our nation.

Back to the why… The attack on law enforcement officers is a smokescreen to draw attention away from a failing administration. Borders, Afghanistan, and a host of failures. Sad, but true.

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