Yellow Journalism Coverage of Police Response to a Deadly Threat

Riots (not “violent protests) are occurring in Philadelphia, as a result of the response of police officers who acted in self-defense after being CALLED to deal with a situation that couldn’t be handled by family, friends, politicians, or a call to mental health specialists. Was their attacker black, white, of color, or an alien from another planet? It doesn’t matter, he was ARMED with a knife and he continued to aggressively advance on RETREATING officers who ORDERED him to stop and drop the knife.

What was his intention, suicide by cop or homicide? It doesn’t matter, he was an active deadly threat to officers and potentially to the public. What matters? #FACTS MATTER. Is it a tragedy and should everyone feel empathy for his family? Absolutely. Backing police who are forced by circumstances to take a life is not incompatible with understanding that the victim of his actions left a loving family and feeling sorry for them as well. But the media and those stoking divisiveness must be brought to task since #FACTS MATTER.

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