PROTECT Yourself and Your Family

Remove Your Personal Information from the Internet
The National Fraternal Order of Police is extremely excited to announce our partnership with MAGEN: The Ultimate Privacy Protection for Law Enforcement. MAGEN’s service will provide you protection from anti-police activists and domestic terrorists attempting to dox (expose your personal information/address) by removing your information from the internet, at a very reasonable price. For less than $4 a month ($45 yearly) you will be able to have your personal information “scrubbed” from the internet, so that no one can find your home address online. You can also sign up to have your spouse or other family members “scrubbed” at a discounted rate.   MAGEN will remove your personal information from people search websites like Spokeo and Whitepages that are exposing your home address on the internet. Not only that, their search technology will scan the entire internet for websites and files exposing your personal information that are not easily found by simple searches online. MAGEN’s goal is to make sure nobody finds out your home address from the internet.   The attacks on us are not going to stop, and they are only going to become more bold and more violent. There are reports coming out every week of people exposing the personal addresses of officers, and then protestors/ anti-police activists show up at their homes threatening them and their families. We must protect those that are the most important to us and this service, provided by MAGEN, allows us to do that. You will be able to give you and your family peace of mind that your personal information and your home is secure. We encourage all of our brothers and sisters to sign up for this important service and tell other FOP members about this opportunity.   Learn more/ sign up here:
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