FOP of Ohio Refutes Hamilton County Prosecutor

Statement by Jay McDonald
President of the Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio

“The Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio was disappointed by Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters’ remarks that disparaged all of the officers of the University of Cincinnati Police Department. These professional officers are dedicated to protecting their community and work tirelessly to do so. University police are certified state peace officers and they do their job with honor and distinction just as city police, county sheriff deputies, and other law enforcement professionals do. Prosecutor Deters also referred to enforcing Ohio’s vehicle laws as “chicken crap.” Ohio’s legislature has determined that every vehicle must have a front license plate and thirty-four other States have the same law. Ohio’s law enforcement officers have found enforcing the front license plate law to be invaluable in solving crimes, ranging from robberies and murders. Fleeing felons, wanted fugitives, even terrorists have been caught because of traffic stops for minor vehicle code violations. We understand that politicians often make statements meant for political impact and aimed at public opinion. That appears to be what this prosecutor was doing. But his remarks should not have disparaged all university police or the thousands of officers who follow the law by conducting traffic stops for minor misdemeanor violations.”

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